Staff Efficiency

You and your staff can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Increase Cash Flow

Increased efficiency through electronic billing and following up on unpaid claims saves you money and gets you paid faster.

Reduced Expenses

You only pay us for the work that we do. No need to pay social security and benefits for an in-house biller. No need to pay for a biller when you are on vacation. Outsourcing with MCS means your expenses are not fixed so you pay less during months when you earn less.

No More Headaches

No needs to worry about staff vacations, sick leave, employee training, or software updates.


  • Verification of benefits
  • Claims submission
  • Process patient statements
  • Follow up for claims not paid within 21 days
  • Challenge rejected claims
  • Process month-end production reports
  • Respond to patient inquiries regarding their accounts
  • Credentialing

Increase Profitability

  • Insurance claim processing is a hotbed for errors. Insurance companies hire employees without proper training who are making decisions whether or not claims should be paid.

We challenge every rejected claim to make sure you get every dollar you have worked for.

  • Industry trends show that 30% of claims are rejected or unpaid due to errors that could be eliminated by a specialist.
  • We make sure that unpaid claims are resolved before filing deadlines.